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Shadow Volunteer

Role Summary

Shadow Volunteer with Forestry England

Forestry England’s Shadow Volunteer scheme puts successful applicants into the heart of managing the nation’s forests.  Supported by a beat team you will shadow and be mentored by an experienced member of staff as they carry out their day-to-day tasks.  You will be given training and develop on-the-job skills and experience during your volunteer placement, which can run one to three days a week for a period of six months.  As your placement comes to an end you will be given guidance and support in looking for and applying for employment in the forestry sector with new skills and valuable experience to support you.

We are looking for individuals who want to gain practical experience in the forestry sector and who are also interested in pursuing a career in conservation, community engagement and education, recreation, site management, or working with volunteers and the public.  We particularly want to encourage people who may not have any experience of the forestry sector but can demonstrate a genuine interest and passion.  Forestry England aims to engage with a diversity of interested people, through Shadow Volunteers, to give a taster of what it means to manage our magnificent forests and for our forests to benefit from the diverse range of skills, interests and knowledge you can bring too.

Shadow Volunteer roles do require work outdoors in the forest environment, however, if you are interested but unsure about whether you would be able to take to part then read through the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Shadow Volunteer webpage.  If you have a disability or special need there is space on the application form to tell us more and what practically is required to enable you to carry out the role.

To find out more about Shadow Volunteers and how to apply visit https://www.forestryengland.uk/article/shadow-volunteer-scheme

Recruitment for September 2024 is open from the 1st of June.  Applications close on Sunday 7th of July 2024.



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Companion Service Volunteer


Induction training plus training specific to the role will be provided.

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