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Fuel Poverty & Energy Advice

With the cost of energy set to increase even further, we have put together the latest energy saving information, tips and guidance.

We are working with Western Power as part of the Community Matters Fund to bring together the latest advice and guidance to help tackle fuel poverty.

What is fuel poverty?

In simple terms, people are in fuel poverty if they cannot afford to adequately heat their homes. In England, around 13% of households are in fuel poverty by this measure.

What causes fuel poverty?

      • Household income
      • Expensive payment methods
      • Current cost of energy
      • Inefficient homes
      • Health requirements needing additional heating
      • Rural hard to treat homes
      • Inefficient heating systems and controls
      • Lack of knowledge
      • Type of fuel used
      • COVID

What are the impacts of fuel poverty?

      • Physical health impacts
      • Mental health impacts
      • Impact on health and social care
      • Economic impacts
      • Poor housing through damp and mould
      • Children’s development and learning

Basic Energy Advice

      • Are you on the cheapest available tariff? Are payments keeping up with usage? Are you in arrears?
      • Look to see where the heat is being lost in the property -can this be addressed through basic draughtproofing curtains, draught excluders, window seals, letterbox seals, sealing key holes
      • Check the heating system and how it is controlled –do you need more support to understand & use these?
      • Check for evidence of damp and/or condensation – information downloads are available below.
      • Research existing support services (e.g. a local energy agency, or Citizens Advice) There are lots of services that can help, fuel vouchers etc.

Managing Payments

      • Provide regular meter readings – monthly is best – to ensure bills are up to date and accurate or, request a smart meter
      • Make sure payments are covering usage
      • Set up an affordable payment plan if in arrears – get support from a local energy advice agency or specialist debt advice agency if multiple debts


Disabled facilities grant: Government funding to help adapt properties for disabled people – https://www.gov.uk/disabled-facilities-grants – apply through local council

ECO Funding: Funding for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, boiler upgrades – https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/environmental-and-social-schemes/energy-company-obligation-eco

Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme:

Midlands – https://www.energyservices-ncc.co.uk/what-we-do/local-authority-delivery-lad-scheme-phase-2

Energy Advice Downloads


Money saving tips

Tips for cold weather

Draft proofing tips

Draught proofing advice leaflet

Condensation, damp & mould advice leaflet

Cavity wall insulation advice leaflet

We work with a range of organisations that can help if you need one to one support. Email info@mansfieldcvs.org if you would like us to signpost you to a relevant organisation.

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