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A photo showing an elderly man's hand holding a yellow, blue and green coloured ball. A lady has placed her hand on his wrist.


Our Volunteer Co-ordinator supports individuals looking to become volunteers as well as groups and organisations who recruit volunteers.

Illustration of a person holding a lightbulb up above their head

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is important to many people because of the benefits and satisfaction it brings to their lives. The right volunteer role can inspire young people to discover the best self and create a path for their contributions to the community and themselves. One of the best reasons to volunteer is because you strongly believe in something. Do you really love animals? Do you want to give something back to your local community?

We can facilitate voluntary experience to a diverse range of people, and not exclusive to age or levels of skills or experience. We can also find voluntary placements in a variety of sectors and areas of interest for all people.

A person holding a volunteer badge close to the camera

Come join us!

Over 22 million people volunteer every year, and 96% or more say they “really enjoy it”. If you decide to have a go at volunteering, you have nothing to lose – and you might find that you really enjoy it too!

    How can I get involved?

      Training Event Form

      We will promote your training event via our website training diary, social media, newsletter and database.