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Dog Visitor

Role Summary

Under the guidance of the Involvement, Experience & Volunteering Team and in partnership with Occupational Therapy staff, the Dog volunteer will provide an opportunity for patients and families to meet a registered dog and to engage in one to one contact in a safe environment.

Bracken House, Mansfield
Millbrook Mental Health Unit, Mansfield

Time commitment:

To be negotiated with Involvement, Experience & Volunteering Team and Bracken House Rehabilitation Unit staff.
Key tasks:

To be guided by the Occupational Therapy staff on appropriate activities for patients.
Supervises, instructs, encourages and interacts with patients as they participate.
Alerts unit staff to any issues of concern
Welcomes any patients/visitors
Provide dog activities and support where necessary

Desired skills and experience:

Dog Charity registered
Pet to be Insured and up to date with all required vaccinations, etc
Experience of volunteering/working with Mental Health Rehabilitation Services.
Listening skills
Sensitive and tactful nature
Emotionally mature
Reliable and trustworthy
Understanding of (ability to learn) personal/professional boundaries

What Nottinghamshire Healthcare offers volunteers:


All volunteers in Nottinghamshire Healthcare are supported by a dedicated team of staff and each volunteer will have a named person within the Volunteering Team as their point of contact. If volunteers are within services, they will also have a named staff member within the service itself. We offer provide regular supervisions with each volunteer to help review their support, their training and their voluntary role. We offer reimbursement of out of pocket expenses, as detailed in expenses policy. References can also be provided after six months of volunteering

Training & Development

We offer support in completing the National Volunteer Certificate and offer further development and training opportunities that are available.

You will also receive an induction to Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust as well as a local induction to the service/placement location.


We’re proud of our community of volunteers that we support throughout Nottinghamshire Healthcare. They are integrated into staff teams and within our services with patients and carers. Our Involvement Centres act as hubs for their work, training and events. We also offer an online NottsHC Volunteer Hub to further support and nurture our community of volunteers.

For more information and to apply click here



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Supported Hospital Discharge Volunteers – Mansfield

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