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Unit Manager Volunteer

Role Summary

4 to 8 hours per week

Why join St John? St John is an incredible organisation that’s first aid work has been imperative to this country and the other 40 countries worldwide, for over 140 years. It strives for Humanity, Excellence, Accountability, Responsiveness and Teamwork in every program, not exclusive to but including, youth work, adult volunteering, and vitally supporting the NHS.

As a Unit Manager, you hold a key role in St John Ambulance – it is believed that 95.4% of our volunteers report to a Unit Manager. The role of the Unit Manager is a mixture of management and leadership, and you are responsible for almost all aspects of volunteer development and community output.

You will do this by leading weekly meetings, organising other youth development activities and actively participating in the recruitment, training and retention of the young people and volunteers in your unit. You will strive to manage a vibrant and thriving Unit that attracts, motivates and retains its volunteers to be active in the delivery of St John Ambulance’s charitable vision and mission. You will provide an engaging quality programme and offer support, guidance and development opportunities which give the best possible experience for your volunteers and young people.

Don’t worry – there’s lots of support on hand. Together with your induction to the role, you will have access to courses, (including first aid training) workshops and online learning to develop your management and leadership skills, and there are people who can offer support.

Key Competencies:

  • Keen to engage with young people and Volunteers and guide them to achieve their goals
  • Align with St John Ambulance HEART values of Humanity, Excellence, Accountability, Responsiveness and Teamwork
  • Excellent organisational, problem solving and decision making abilities
  • An empowering and encouraging role model
  • Open-minded and inclusive
  • Clear communicator and active listener

Key Responsibilities:

  • Proactive manager of youth leaders and cadets
  • Adaptable approach
  • Decisive decision making
  • Setting unit goals
  • Encouraging youth leader team to deliver interesting and engaging session plans
  • Inspiring young people to get involved in social action
  • Engaging in district wide goals to improve the service

To apply email Neill.mison@sja.org.uk

Unit meets on a Wednesday evening

Unit Location – John Ambulance, Toothill Lane, Mansfield Notts.  NG18 1NJ



Independent Visitor

Change Grow Live

The main purpose is to provide an adult who is separate from all the professionals involved in their life and give them friendship, within boundaries, emotional support, someone to talk to and to go out with into the community.
Person helping elderly lady out of a van

Supported Hospital Discharge Volunteers – Mansfield

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The service helps people regain independence following a stay in Kings Mill Hospital, prioritising those with little or no support network.

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