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Role Summary

A volunteer mentor provides guidance, support, and encouragement to individuals who can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. The primary purpose of a volunteer mentor is to assist and empower mentees in achieving their personal or professional goals.

A mentor builds a positive and trusting relationship with their mentee. They create a safe and supportive environment where the mentee feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations.  They may also help with identifying and setting goals, providing guidance and advice, offering support and encouragement, and monitoring personal growth.

Mentoring with us may also involve supporting on a more practical level, such as some basic advocacy, signposting to other support, and accompanying on tasks such as the first time someone goes out shopping in their new gender presentation.

The mentoring role is a semi-flexible one. Each mentor is encouraged to be honest with us about which support strands they are happy to provide, and we match mentors and mentees accordingly.

Application process

To apply, please complete our volunteer application form



Supportive Listening Administrator- 12 Month Sandwich placement

Nottinghamshire Mind

You will need to already be studying an undergraduate degree in Psychology or Social Care at University.

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