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Luncheon Club Volunteers

Role Summary

Volunteers are needed to support the Kingsway Hall Luncheon Club. Volunteers are one of the first points of call for our members and a warm and friendly smile is much appreciated along with serving teas and coffees, serving meals, washing up and helping with bingo cards.

Required Thursdays 10.30am – 1.30pm

Training provided and subsidised meal costs.

Contact: Bob on 01623 422161 or get in touch here



Independent Visitor

Change Grow Live

The main purpose is to provide an adult who is separate from all the professionals involved in their life and give them friendship, within boundaries, emotional support, someone to talk to and to go out with into the community.
Person helping elderly lady out of a van

Supported Hospital Discharge Volunteers – Mansfield

Bassetlaw Action Centre

The service helps people regain independence following a stay in Kings Mill Hospital, prioritising those with little or no support network.

    How can I get involved?

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