Our Volunteer Centre supports individuals looking to become volunteers as well as groups and organisations who recruit volunteers. 

Volunteering is important to many people because of the benefits and satisfaction it brings to their lives,. One of the best reasons to volunteer is because you strongly believe in something. Do you really love animals? Do you want to give something back to your local community? 

Over 22 million people volunteer every year, and 96% or more say they “really enjoy it”. If you decide to have a go at volunteering, you have nothing to lose – and you might find that you really enjoy it too!

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Information for Volunteers

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons; whatever yours is, volunteering will make you feel great!

We can help you with your first steps into volunteering and can provide you with all the infomation you need.

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If you need a Volunteer

Our Volunteer Centre acts as a brokerage service between those wanting to volunteer and those needing volunteers.

We can help you find the right people to suit the needs of your organisation, and can support both them and you throughout their volunteer placement.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

Our Volunteer Centre both promotes and finds volunteer opportunities in Mansfield and district.

We actively promote volunteer opportunities through this website, but also circulate them more widely via the Do-It website.

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Meet our Volunteers

Our dedicated volunteers help us to do a number of daily tasks including volunteer interviews.

They really are part of the team; we literally couldn't do what we do without them!

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Vol Awards Room

Mansfield Volunteer Awards

The Mansfield Volunteer Awards are held every summer to celebrate the volunteering stars of Mansfield.

A hardworking committee fundraise for the event throughout the year.

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