Disability Nottinghamshire

Disability Nottinghamshire is a registered charity supporting disabled, socially marginalised people across this rurally deprived county and helping them access the information, advice and support they need to enable them to overcome exclusion, isolation and poverty; leading to fulfilled and successful lives.

We are a user led organisation where 75%+ of the board have a disability or long-term health condition. Our mission is to empower and enable people to make informed choices and decisions about their lives.

Our range of services comprise of:


Charity/Fundraising, Support, Disability

Tel: 01623 625891
Email: advice@disabilitynottinghamshire.org.uk
Website: www.disabilitynottinghamshire.org.uk


Unit 15 Botany Commercial Park
Botany Ave
NG18 5NF

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All community groups and voluntary sector organisations who are based in or deliver services across the County of Nottinghamshireare welcome to become general members of Mansfield CVS.

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Following retirement from employment, Mansfield Voluntary Service (C.V.S) have given me so much help and advice to start up our community group over 10 years ago. We wanted to get the children in the community a new play park. Without the help of Mansfield C.V.S directing us how to write and prepare a Business plan we wouldn’t have achieved the £68,000 to pay for it.

Mick Beresford

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