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Alzheimer’s Society: Dementia Wellbeing Service


The Dementia Wellbeing Service (formerly known as Dementia Connect) is the Alzheimer's Society's personalised support service for those with dementia and their carers, families and friends. It consists of our 1:1 Dementia Support Service, our Carers Information and Support Programme and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. It’s free for service users, easy to access and is endorsed as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.   Our 1:1 Dementia Support Service puts service users in touch with our Dementia Advisers who can offer them the support, advice and information how they need it, when they need it. Types of support can include: providing information on dementia as a condition and how to live well with it; providing help with legal documents and form completion; signposting to dementia groups and other local community services and access to publications covering a wide range of dementia-related subjects.   Referrals can be made from individuals themselves, or on their behalf from their carers, friends, family, associated healthcare professionals or any professionals to which they have a relationship with.   The Carer Information and Support Programme (CrISP) aims to improve the knowledge, skills and understanding of those caring for a person with dementia, by providing effective support and up-to-date, relevant and evidence-based information. The programme facilitates peer support and a shared learning experience led by trained Society staff and volunteers in a safe, accessible, appropriate environment.   Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is for individuals with mild to moderate dementia which involves service users taking part in meaningful and stimulating activities with the aim of aiding and maintaining memory function. Please note that referrals to CST will only be through the Memory Assessment Service (MAS), Therapeutic Intervention Service (TIS) and the Mental Health for Older People (MHSOP) service at this time.

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