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We love to receive testimonials from people who have had a positive experience through working with us or accessing our services.

We work with a huge variety of groups and individuals, who access our services for a number of reasons.  We strive to support them as long as they need us, and often beyond.

Following retirement from employment, Mansfield Voluntary Service (C.V.S) have given me so much help and advice to start up our community group over 10 years ago. We wanted to get the children in the community a new play park. Without the help of Mansfield C.V.S directing us how to write and prepare a Business plan we wouldn’t have achieved the £68,000 to pay for it. Read moreless...

Mostly they gave me confidence in myself to talk at meetings and how to express myself, they gave me the opportunity of training, how to form a committee and training for the roles of officers.

Since I started all those years ago I am now Chairman of the North Sherwood Tenants and Residents Association, Secretary of the local Bull Farm Football team, Secretary of the Mansfield Branch Royal British Legion, and Poppy Appeal Organiser for the Mansfield Area. CVS offered help and advice in helping us to take the lease of our community centre, by directing us to the right funders, helping us to gain confidence and trust.

I felt some years ago that volunteers should be recognised for the work they do and the help they are giving to their communities. I set up the Mansfield Volunteers Awards but it was going nowhere, four years ago Mansfield C.V.S helped me, and the Awards are now a main event on the Mansfield Calendar. I stand with pride watching volunteers being nominated for the skills and services to the communities and the winners receiving the awards and sharing what they have achieved through the year.

Without the Mansfield Community Voluntury Service Volunteers of Mansfield and surrounding areas would not get the help and support they all need.

Over the past 15 years the Mansfield Voluntury Service have not only helped me and our group, but they have worked with some of the most deprived areas in Mansfield, since the closure of the mines the Mansfield Voluntury Service have been there to help and direct volunteering. A large number of people from deprived communities since becoming volunteers have managed to get back on their feet and enjoy volunteering, C.V.S have helped them to find employment while still volunteering.

I recommend any grant funders support the Mansfield Community Voluntury Service its money well spent, and help them to help us.

Mick Beresford

As the Community Engagement Officer for Mansfield District Council, I feel that Mansfield Community & Voluntary Service is integral to the support of both community groups and the voluntary sector within the Mansfield District. Read moreless...

Over the past seven years in my role, I have worked with Mansfield Community & Voluntary Service Officers on various projects e.g. Neighbourhood Renewal, Mansfield Area Strategic Partnership, Mansfield Volunteer Awards, Area Partnerships and Area Assemblies etc. Mansfield District Council as an organisation are committed to supporting communities, especially vulnerable people, and to give all citizens in the district a greater say in how local services are developed and delivered.

By having an effective partnership with Mansfield Community & Voluntary Service, this provides effective engagement to develop services which truly meet local needs and aspirations, thus supporting Mansfield District Council to meet our corporate priorities. Mansfield Community & Voluntary Service provide services to assist Mansfield District Council to consult with the third sector to assess service provision, fitness of the sector and other issues which may arise. They also offer direct support to communities and the voluntary sector, disseminate funding opportunities, provide relevant information to the voluntary sector, provide a sector contact list and work at a strategic level with partners.   

With significant reductions to both the District and County Council funding, Mansfield District Council recognises the importance of developing and maintaining effective partnerships in order to minimise the impact of such cuts to communities within the district.  

Sioned Dolan, Mansfield District Council

Without the assistance of Mansfield CVS, we would have struggled to remain in existence. The help and training we have received, coupled with the ongoing assistance of Ian and Trish has helped us to maintain our service.

I am hoping for a continued close working partnership in the future, resulting in benefit to both of our organisations.

Veronica Goddard, Navi Saheli

I started working at Mansfield CVS in March 2010 on the Future Jobs programme.  My initial post was as a clerical support worker. My line manager was ware that I had studied Information technology at degree level, recognising the potential I had in IT support,  I was  given the opportunity to become more involved in supporting the computer systems at Mansfield CVS alongside the existing IT provider. Read moreless...

When the IT provider’s contract came to an end I was offered a 3 day post as an IT Support Worker. I was trusted with larger  responsibilities of managing the day to day operation and strategic planning of the IT systems as well as the maintenance of the MCVS website at .As my responsibilities increased I was given continued support by both the staff and the management team.

It was thanks to the opportunities and support  I was given and Mansfield CVS that allowed me to gain the necessary confidence and practical experience in Business IT and the day to day working environment to become established in Business IT and continue onto a new role with Nottinghamshire police as a Service Desk Analyst.

Paul Dutton

Untapped Resource is a social enterprise which has been in operation for 5 years. We   work with long term unemployed people to offer a work experience and training through a recycling business. Read moreless...

In our development stages we received fantastic support form Mansfield CVS.

They offered support in developing our project and sign posted us to other organisations who could help with business development.

They provided us with a mailing address, so we had an identity and status in the eyes of the people we were working with. This was invaluable to our start up.

Reception staff took messages and collated our mail, our programme was promoted through the Mansfield CVS by displaying our leaflets.

 They provided us with office space so that we could have meetings with partner agencies, and eventually client interviews, before we had our own unit.

Once we were established and had our own unit they continued to offer us support and training opportunities for our staff. This  was  a real safety net for us, when  you start a social enterprise it is  stressful and often we were not  sure  what  to do next. Mansfield CVS was always there to help and encourage and sign post us to activities where we could  promote our services and agencies who  could  help us to further develop and  grow the service  we offer.

The training opportunities have been really useful, linking us to capacity building training with Community Accounting Plus and the Business Buddies support programme.  Providing placements through the community support programme, Employability training for placements and NVQ training for our staff. 

The  Voluntary  Sector  have been through some difficult times in Mansfield  and  the CVS has been there like a shining beacon, providing a sense of security  when things go wrong and lighting the way forward  when future development has not  been clear.

We would recommend their services to all voluntary sector groups and wholeheartedly support the future development of the Mansfield CVS. Without their support we would not be here.

We now employ 9 people who were previously long term unemployed and have supported over 350 people in their return to employment over the past 5 years. This has been a real asset for the local Community in Mansfield.

Teresa Jackson, Untapped Resource

Since 1993 I have been involved with the Mansfield Pensioners Association, through them and the CVS Consultation group I have been active in Social Services and NHS. Read moreless...

CVS has played an important role in promoting work for the elderly in a wide variety of ways, it is also the main link between the elderly of Mansfield and Ashfield with Social Services, NHS, County Council and other services required for the well being of the older person.

It plays an important role as champion of the older people and actively works on their behalf in the community.  The good work is now threatened with being curtailed because of lack of funding.

The important part of their function is the co-ordination of all the voluntary organisations in Mansfield and at the present time these voluntary organisations are needed more and more, making the support of CVS of utmost importance.

More and more people are becoming elderly and in my opinion the need for CVS has never been greater. 

Any substantial financial help would be greatly appreciated to keep up the valuable service CVS has given to the community.

W. W. Martin, Mansfield Pensioners Association

I have known Mansfield CVS for many years and have found them to be invaluable. They are currently working with Oak Tree NMT to manage our Lottery funded staff and as a group of volunteers, we would have struggled without them. Read moreless...

Particularly useful is that they provide a payroll service and advice on all aspects of running a small voluntary organisation. Because they have links with many organisations, if they can't help directly, they usually know someone who can. They also provide the link to what other voluntary organisations in the area are doing, through emails, events and their website.

Carolyn Hallam, Oak Tree NMT

I started working at Mansfield CVS aged just 18, initially as an admin apprentice studying a level 2 NVQ and later progressing to doing a “Higher” apprenticeship (NVQ level 3). It was my first job and when I began working here I had very low self-confidence and no practical work experience at all! Due to the nature of the work, helping other charities in the local area, and the lovely people I work with, I soon discovered I really enjoy working in the charity sector and would be very happy to have a career in it – something I had never considered prior to joining MCVS. Read moreless...

I strongly feel that doing this job has helped to develop me not only professionally but also as a person – I have built confidence, overcome challenges and learned a huge range of skills in just the three years I have worked for Mansfield CVS. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to work in the third sector. I feel it has given me an excellent start in life and I look forward to coming in to work every day – the feeling of doing something to help out in the local community is fantastic, and it is especially nice to enjoy doing my job!

I am now working in the finance department at Mansfield CVS, which is offering me the further opportunity to develop my skills, and I am still learning a lot – I look forward to the future and hope to help the charity sector in Mansfield for many years to come! Mansfield CVS has given me the chance to experience working in an area I would never have thought of previously; I have brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the third sector in Mansfield,  and I feel that this is something any young person would be lucky to have the opportunity to do.

Charlotte Wright, Mansfield CVS

My name is Deanna (it’s not always been but, explanations later) and I’ve been volunteering at Mansfield CVS roughly six and a half years now.  During that time I have worked with almost every creed and colour, the disabled; the gay and the transgendered; the last two of which count me among their company, told you I wasn’t always Deanna. Read moreless...

I came to CVS  a few months short of a year post full gender reassignment surgery and at that time it was a feat for friends and family to get me beyond the garden gate, as I perceived (all kinds of) threat everywhere and acceptance nowhere.

On entering CVS I could breathe; don’t believe it; believe it.  I certainly can’t explain it; I have eloquence but my words will only extend so far.

What they can tell you is this, I am now actively engaged in an anti-hate and anti-discrimination community project; I regularly work Reception at both CVS and my local community town hall.  I have even had occasion to give talks to teams of health professionals about my own experiences within the NHS system.

I believe that the depth and breadth of diversity I have encountered here at CVS, has awoken within me the realization that my life has purpose beyond its’ own end.

I have been enriched and I intend to enrich right back!

Deanna Bell, Volunteer

Mansfield CVS have supported me in various ways over the past six years not just in my current role but in a previous role too. Read moreless...

I worked very closely with MCVS to re establish a local Neighbourhood Management Team. MCVS helped supporting:

  • volunteers manage their own community venue
  • fund raise and write bids to support sustainability and giving them autonomy
  • hold regular neighbourhood meetings around issues within the community
  • guide them towards becoming a limited company by guarantee
  • offered committee skills training
  • Delivering information advise and guidance

On a personal level MCVS supported me in gaining qualifications in Business Admin and enhancing my Community Development skills as well as the practical knowledge gained working alongside of them.

Within my current role MCVS have supported me with my parent’s forum helping support them in becoming a constituted group offering training and support with funding bids. This group of parents have now moved away from the children’s centre and have gained the autonomy they required.

They have delivered IAG to learners at the end of training courses showing adults the volunteer opportunities that are out there sharing with them how volunteering can be a good transitional tool into getting back into work.

I find the service they provide is valuable for organisations and individuals giving their support at all levels.

Julie Bebbington

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I have known Mansfield CVS for many years and have found them to be invaluable. They are currently working with Oak Tree NMT to manage our Lottery funded staff and as a group of volunteers, we would have struggled without them.

Carolyn Hallam, Oak Tree NMT

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