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Social Media Creator

Role Summary

Volunteers involved in our social media support our online presence across various platforms. As a Social Media Creator, you will be responsible for creating compelling content, including posts for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to develop and edit video content and engage with other social media accounts to foster community growth and engagement.

This role will allow you to develop and enhance your creative skills, particularly in graphic design and content creation using tools like Canva. You will build skills in creating not only visually appealing posts, but in using them to effectively convey the organization’s message and engage the target audience. You will also sharpen your communication and community management skills, through effectively interacting with others online, responding to comments and inquiries, and fostering meaningful conversations.

Application process

To apply, please complete our volunteer application form



Independent Visitor

Change Grow Live

The main purpose is to provide an adult who is separate from all the professionals involved in their life and give them friendship, within boundaries, emotional support, someone to talk to and to go out with into the community.
Person helping elderly lady out of a van

Supported Hospital Discharge Volunteers – Mansfield

Bassetlaw Action Centre

The service helps people regain independence following a stay in Kings Mill Hospital, prioritising those with little or no support network.

    How can I get involved?

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