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Independent Visitor

Role Summary

The Children’s Act of 1989 first introduced the role of Independent Visitor (IV); it is a statutory duty of the supporting local authority to invite all looked after children and young people to consider having an IV.

The main purpose is to provide an adult who is separate from all the professionals involved in their life and give them friendship, within boundaries, emotional support, someone to talk to and to go out with into the community. The child or young person chooses if they want to use the service, who they are matched with, and if or when the relationship might end. The IV usually meets with their child or young person once a month, with the aim of developing a stable and enduring relationship, allowing them to grow in confidence, feel valued and to thrive in their lives. It may take some time for those referred to the service to trust adults, so consistency.

patience and resilience is key to the role.

The volunteer will be expected to:
• Perform the volunteering role to the best of their ability
• Help Change Grow Live fulfil its role in offering the best service to the children and young people referred to us
• Understand Change Grow Live values and vision2, and promote those whilst undertaking your volunteering role

Main Responsibilities
• Meet on a one-to-one basis with a child or young person you are matched with
• Go out into the community and enjoy activities you have both agreed to do
• Encourage the child or young person to make positive use of local resources
• Be a role model and contribute to the young person’s development and confidence
• Maintain principles of confidentiality, in relation to the young person and the project
• Always operate within the policies of Change Grow Live, and any referring agency
• Complete and return all project paperwork immediately after each visit, as directed
• Attend one-to-one support meetings and be willing to join group activities
• Escalate any safeguarding issues or concerns using project escalation procedures
• Keep the project informed of all planned visits, and any changed or failed visits
• Ensure activities remain within agreed expenses

For more information and to apply: contact Michelle.Brown2@cgl.org.uk or phone 07435925216


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Bassetlaw Action Centre

The service helps people regain independence following a stay in Kings Mill Hospital, prioritising those with little or no support network.
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Online Volunteer Tutor (GCSE)

The Access Project

The Access Project supports pupils from under-resourced backgrounds to access top universities. We are looking for undergraduates, postgraduates, staff, and alumni who would be able to tutor a young person aged 14-16, online, one hour a week in term-time Autumn 2024- Summer 2025 to support them with their academic studies. 

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