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Free Activities For Parents & Children

Puslished: 22 May 2017  |  Category: Events / Training News

Free activites for parents and their children to participate in

Various Free Training Courses

Puslished: 16 May 2017  |  Category: Events / Training News

Various Free Training Courses

Free Parent & Child Activities

Puslished: 10 May 2017  |  Category: Events / Training News

Every Tuesday why not come and join in with our free parent and child activites - click to see more.....

Mansfield Dementia Awareness Week

Puslished: 9 May 2017  |  Category: Events / Training News

Next week will be Dementia Awareness Week

New Courses Aimed At Parents

Puslished: 8 May 2017  |  Category: Events / Training News

Inspire are funding some new courses aimed at Parents

Friends Against Scams

Puslished: 12 April 2017  |  Category: Events / Training News

Look out scammers...

Tenfifty Monthly Club

Puslished: 28 March 2017  |  Category: Events / Training News

On Monday 3rd April the Tenfifty Monthly club vent wil be open at AndWhyNot... for  adults who have learning disabilitys

Free Advice Sessions for EU Citizens in Mansfield

Puslished: 6 July 2016  |  Category: Events / Training News

Derbyshire Law Centre will be offering free sessions with a solicitor for EU citizens who came to the UK less than five years ago.

Mayor Praises Mansfield Volunteer Awards Winners

Puslished: 16 June 2016  |  Category: Events / Training News

More than 100 people attended the Mansfield Volunteer Awards at a ceremony that celebrated the stars who go the extra mile for the community.

TENFIFTY Club Night for People with Learning Disabilities

Puslished: 17 March 2016  |  Category: Events / Training News

The next TENFIFTY club night event for people with learning disabilities is happening on Monday 4th April.

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All community groups and voluntary sector organisations who are based in or deliver services across the County of Nottinghamshireare welcome to become general members of Mansfield CVS.

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My name is Deanna (it’s not always been but, explanations later) and I’ve been volunteering at Mansfield CVS roughly six and a half years now.  During that time I have worked with almost every creed and colour, the disabled; the gay and the transgendered; the last two of which count me among their company, told you I wasn’t always Deanna.

Deanna Bell, Volunteer

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