Woodhouse Warbler

The Woodhouse Warbler is produce, edited and delivered to over 8,500 homes in Mansfield Woodhouse by volunteers. The newsletter has been in production since 2000 and is self-funding through advert sales.



Contact Details:

Ms. Lynne Taylor

Tel: 01623 429334
Email: woodhousewarbler@hotmail.com
Website: www.mansfieldwoodhouse.onfo


Park Road resource Centre
53 park Road
Mansfield Woodhouse
NG19 8ER

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My name is Deanna (it’s not always been but, explanations later) and I’ve been volunteering at Mansfield CVS roughly six and a half years now.  During that time I have worked with almost every creed and colour, the disabled; the gay and the transgendered; the last two of which count me among their company, told you I wasn’t always Deanna.

Deanna Bell, Volunteer

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