Meet the Team

Meet the Mansfield CVS team! We're a dedicated, experienced, friendly bunch of folk, most of whom have been based at CVS for longer than they may care to admit...

Between us we have experience and knowledge in all areas of group support, community engagement, service delivery training, building management, marketing, social media amongst other things! We liaise with Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, and have strong working links with the NHS and the CCGs. 

Importantly, we also have staff who have fantastic working relationships with community workers on all levels in Mansfield and district, as well as residents and neighbourhood groups teams. We know our area and are committed to making the communities of Mansfield safe, strong and successful.

Read our bios to find out a little bit more about our particular skill sets and areas of work.

Patricia Shaw

Office & Finance Manager

Trisha is our Office & Finance Manager.

Lesley Watkins

Partnerships & Engagement Manager

Lesley has worked at Mansfield CVS since 2006, and is currently the ‘Partnerships & Engagement Manager’. 

Phil Taylor

Maintenance Worker

Phil is the Maintenance Worker at Community House, looking after the building and the needs of staff, tenants and visitors.

Linda Heslop


Linda is our morning receptionist and the longest-serving member of staff at Mansfield CVS.

Sharron Emm


Sharron is the Cleaner at Mansfield CVS.

Adrian Dewhurst

Tutor, Scintilla

Adrian is a tutor, delivering training to a variety of learners.

Caroline Horsman

Operations Manager, Scintilla

Caroline joined Scintilla in 2015 as an Assessor and in 2018 became the Operations Manager.

Steve Morris

Chief Officer

Steve is the Chief Officer of Mansfield CVS. Before this, Steve worked as the Hub Co-Ordinator for BBO (Building Better Opportunities).

Kelly Busby

BBO (Building Better Opportunities)

Kelly works for BBO (Building Better Opportunities)

Ann Adams

BBO (Building Better Opportunities) Team Administrator

Ann works as the Team Administrator for BBO (Building Beter Opportunities)

Louise Lewis

Work Coach For BBO (Building Better Opportunities)

Louise works for BBO (Building Better Opportunities) as their work coach.

Daniel Lewis

Job Broker, BBO (Building Better Opportunities)

Daniel is the new Job Broker for BBO (Building Better Opportunities)

Yvonne Hudson

Partnership & Engagement Assistant

Yvonne works in the Partnership & Engagement team, supporting Lesley with many community projects and initiatives.

Stevie Oscroft

Partnership & Engagement Admin Assistant

Stevie works in the Partnership & Engagement Team, assisting Lesley and Yvonne with community projects and initiatives. 

Jo Wakefield

Volunteer Centre Coordinator

Jo manages the running of the Volunteer Centre and works alongside Lesley, Yvonne and Stevie in the Partnership & Engagement Team.

Ginny Chandler

Engagement Officer, Scintilla

Ginny works across a number of projects and initiatives and raises vital funds that go back into the local community.

Vanessa Rochester

BBO Hub Coordinator

Vanessa became the Hub Coordinator at BBO in 2018.

Cath Bates

Quality/IQA/Tutor, Scintilla

Cath is a member of the Scintilla team. 

Linda Clements

Tutor, Scintilla

Linda is a tutor at Scintilla.

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Following retirement from employment, Mansfield Voluntary Service (C.V.S) have given me so much help and advice to start up our community group over 10 years ago. We wanted to get the children in the community a new play park. Without the help of Mansfield C.V.S directing us how to write and prepare a Business plan we wouldn’t have achieved the £68,000 to pay for it.

Mick Beresford

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